This year the conference will be held on Wednesday - 26.2.2014 at Janco Dada Museum, Ein Hod.

08:15 Departure Time from Faculty

09:00-09:40 Refreshments and Opening Remarks

09:40-11:20 Session Lectures I - Particle physics

  • 09:40: Eitan Gozani (Yoram Rozen) - Dark Matter searches in ATLAS
  • 10:00: Niv Ieurushalmi (Yael Shadmi) - Supersymmetry, fermion masses and scalar masses
  • 10:20: Revital Kopelianski (Shlomit Tarem) - Search for supersymmetric long-lived particles with the ATLAS detector
  • 10:40: Evgeny Shaverin (Amos Yarom) - Holography and viscous fluid dynamics
  • 11:00: Michael Geller (Gad Eilam) - Higgs and radion dynamics in warped extra-dimensions

11:20-11:50 Coffee Break

11:50-13:10 Session Lectures II - Optical physics

  • 11:50: Eliyahu Bordo (Dudi Gershoni) - Light Confinement by a Single Semiconductor Quantum Dot Placed in Planar Microcavity
  • 12:10: Rivka Bekenstein (Moti Segev) - Gravitational effects in linear and nonlinear optical settings
  • 12:30: Amichai Labin (Erez Ribak): Does biology care about math? The playground of the retina
  • 12:50: Ofer Kfir (Oren Cohen) - Generation and applications of circularly-polarized high-order harmonics

13:10-13:40 Lunch Break

13:40-15:10 Tour

15:10-16:50 Session Lectures III - Solid state, atomic and plasma physics

  • 15:10: Gil Drachuck (Amit Keren) - Spin-charge interplay in antiferromagnetic LSCO studied by the muons neutrons and ARPES techniques
  • 15:30: Roy Shaham (Misha Reznikov) - Coherent pumping of nuclear spin
  • 15:50: Yaniv Tenenbaum-Katan (Daniel Podolsky) - Random Walkers in Fluctuating Environment
  • 16:10: Hagar Veksler (Shmuel Fishman) - A simple model for interactions and corrections to the Gross-Pitaevskii equation
  • 16:30: Leonid Beilin (Yakov Krasik) - Observation of Plasma Evolution in the Interference Switch of Microwave Pulse Compressor

16:50-17:10 Coffee Break

17:10-18:30 Session Lectures IV - Astrophysics

  • 17:10: Efrat Sabach (Noam Soker) - A pre-explosion intermediate-luminosity optical transient event from a white dwarf core merger
  • 17:30: Alexei Baskin (Ari Laor) - Why do the broad emission lines look similar in all Active Galactic Nuclei?
  • 17:50: Danor Aharon (Hagai Peretz) - The evolution of stellar populations in galactic nuclei
  • 18:10: Ziv Mikulizky (Adi Nusser) - The kinematics of the Local Group and nearby galaxies revisited

18:30-19:30 Dinner

19:30 Return to Technion

Lectures are 15 minutes + (up to) 5 minutes for following discussion.