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The Physics and Evolutions of Active Black Holes

2012 May 28th - June 1st

A Research Workshop of the Israel Science Foundation and of the Lewiner Institute for Theoretical Physics at the Technion
supported also by The Moshe Yanai Fund for the Promotion of international Conferences at the Technion
and by the Deutsche Forschungsgemienschaft (DFG) via German-Israeli Project Cooperation (DIP) grant STE1869/1-1.GE625/15-1



Barth, A. Reverberation Mapping and Black Hole Masses: open questions and routes to progress.

Baskin, A., Laor, A. Metal Enrichment by Radiation Pressure in AGN Outflows.

Blaes, O. The Structure of the Inner, Radiation Pressure Dominated Accretion Disk.

Chelouche, D. Quasars Probing Quasars.

Davis , S. The Emission of Accretion Disks: Theory vs. Observations.

Di Matteo, T. Supermassive BHs in Cosmic Structure Formation.

Edri, H., Rafter, S. E., Chelouche, D., Kaspi, S., Behar, E. Broad Band Photometric Reverberation Mapping.

Elvis, M. Quasars are Simple.

Elvis, M., Steinhardt, C. L., Hao, H., Young, M., Risaliti, G., Civano, F. The Quasar Mass-Luminosity plane.

Hamann, F. An Observer's View of Quasar Accretion Disk Outflows.

Kaspi, S. Ultra-Fast Outflows in X-rays: True or False?.

Kormendy, J. Toward a Comprehensive Picture of Galaxy Formation.

Kormendy, J. Structure and Formation of Elliptical and Spheroidal Galaxies.

Kormendy, J., Bender, R. Environmental Secular Evolution: Families of Stellar Systems and the Origin of Spheroidal Galaxies.

Kormendy, J. Secular Evolution of Disk Galaxies.

Kormendy, J. Supermassive Black Holes in Galactic Nuclei: Co-Evolution (Or Not) of Black Holes and Host Galaxies.

Laor, A. Some further comments on Accretion Disks.

Marconi, A. Ionized outflows in high redshift quasars and AGN feedback.

Murray, N. AGN Winds and Galaxy Scale Feedback.

Narayan, R. Accretion Flows, Black Hole Spin and Jets.

Narayan, R. Advection-Dominated Accretion and AGN Feedback.

Nordon, R. Slow and steady? SMBH growth at low accretion rates and the steady growth of the host.

Netzer, H. BH and stellar mass growthat high redshift.

Proga, D. AGN Feedback via Radiation and Radiation Driven Outflows.

Risaliti, G.,Salvati,M., Pietrini, P., Torricelli, G., Maiolino, R., Matt,G., Bianchi, S., Marinucci, A., Elvis, M., Fabbiano, G., Nardini,E., Wang, J., AGN X-ray occultations: What can we learn about the BLR from X_ray time-resolved spectroscopy?.

Rosario, D., Santini, P., Shao, L., Nordon, R., Netzer, H. Star formation in high-z AGN hosts Dieter Lutz MPE.

Slone, O., Netzer, H. Effects of Disc Winds on the Spectral Energy Distribution and Black Hole Growth Rate.

Stern, J. Laor, A. The LINER / Seyfert transition: Is it just optically thin dust?.

Tommasin , S. Star Formation in LINER host galaxies – Parallel evolution with their AGN.

Trakhtenbrot, B. Observing the Fast Growth of Black Holes at z ~ 4.8.

Veilleux, S. Galaxy Interactions: Do They Play a Role in Triggering Local AGN?.

Veilleux, S. Galactic Winds: What, Who, and How?.

Volonteri, M. Tracing the growth of massive black holes.

Wandel, A. The Black Hole – host relationship in AGN and its evolution.

Wang, J. M. Broad Line Regions in AGNs supported by star formation?.

Wang, J. M. Comological evolution of SMBH Spins.


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