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The Physics and Evolutions of Active Black Holes

2012 May 28th - June 1st

A Research Workshop of the Israel Science Foundation and of the Lewiner Institute for Theoretical Physics at the Technion
supported also by The Moshe Yanai Fund for the Promotion of international Conferences at the Technion
and by the Deutsche Forschungsgemienschaft (DFG) via German-Israeli Project Cooperation (DIP) grant STE1869/1-1.GE625/15-1



Main topics:

1. Black hole evolution

2. Outflows and feedback

3. The central engine: BH mass, BH spin and accretion disks.

The idea is to spend 1-1.5 days per topic going in depth into the outstanding issues.
Each of the topics will be introduced by a discussion leader followed by a structured discussion that includes 5-7 short (20-30 minutes) oral
contributions. We encourage all participants to make one or more short presentations in one or more topics. The program will include about 5 hours of lectures+discussion every day.
The rest of the time is left for meetings of smaller groups or work in offices provided by the Technion in the same building of the meeting.

Day Monday 28.5.12 Tuesday 29.5.12 Wednesday 30.5.12 Thursday 31.5.12 Friday 1.6.12
09:10-10:30 Blaes 1+2 ADs
Davis 1+2 ADs
Di-Matteo - 1+2 simulations
Trakhtenbrot 10min high-z
Volonteri - 1+2 simulations
Marconi 1+2 outflow and feedback
Murray 1+2 outflow and feedback
Lutz - 1+2 evolution
Nordon - evolution
Veilleux 2 - mergers
General discussion
Accretion disks and disk winds
10:30-11:10 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
11:10-12:30 Slone - AD winds
Laor 1 - AD winds
Narayan 1 - jets and spin 
Proga 1+2 Wind theory
Hamann 1+2 wind obs.
Baskin 10min - outflow 
Narayan 2 - RIAF and feedback
Elvis -1 outflow model
Netzer-1 evolution
Mor evolution
Tommasin Evolution
Wang- 2 evolution 
General discussion
Feedback and Evolution
12:30-13:20 Kormendy lunch talk
BH in HST era
Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
14:00-15:20 Kormendy dormant BH mass
Barth 1+2 BH mass 
Kaspi 1+2 X-ray outflow
Behar 1+2 X-ray outflow 
Tour of Acre    Wandel 1+2 BH evolution
Elvis 2 - evolution 
Tour of Bahai Gardens   
15:20-16:00 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
16:00-17:20 Wang - BLR
Risaliti BLR
General discussion 
Veilleux 1 - outflow
Chelouche - 1 outflow theory

General discussion

Heckman 1+2 evolution

General discussion

18:00-19:30 Reception Free Dinner in Acre Free Dinner in Haifa beach promenade


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