black holes1

The Physics and Evolutions of Active Black Holes

2012 May 28th - June 1st

A Research Workshop of the Israel Science Foundation and of the Lewiner Institute for Theoretical Physics at the Technion
supported also by The Moshe Yanai Fund for the Promotion of international Conferences at the Technion
and by the Deutsche Forschungsgemienschaft (DFG) via German-Israeli Project Cooperation (DIP) grant STE1869/1-1.GE625/15-1


General Information

Trains: Please be warned that trains on 27th May will start to run only 2 hours after sundown. This day is actually a religious holiday, but Israel Rail has not yet updated their schedule accordingly. In addition, there will be no trains on the evening/night of 26th May, since Shabbat will run straight into the Holy Day.


The weather in May is variable, with a chance of rain. Daytime temperatures are usually about 25 C. Remember to bring raincoats and warm outer wear for the evenings, and also sunscreen.

Rate of Exchange

Right now the rate of exchange is $ = 3.8 shekel; Euro = 5.00 shekel; Pound Stirling = 6.0 shekel. There is an ATM at the airport, and

also one on Technion campus. There are, of course, ATM's in the various shopping areas of Haifa.


For information about what Haifa has to offer in the way of tourism, please see the Haifa Tourist Center.


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