cosmic flows

Cosmic Flows: Myth, Reality, and Prospects

2011 December, 18

a Research Workshop of the Lewiner Institute for Theoretical Physics



Sundy Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Session 1 Adi Nusser
Setting the worshop scene + motions with and without distance indictors
Ofer Lahav
Redshift distortions in the next generation redshift surveys
Marc Davis
The SFI++ peculiar velocity and 2MRS gravity
Igor Karachentsev
Dark vs. luninous matter in local (z<0.01) Universe
Enzo Branchini
Unconventional bulk flow estimators: kSZ vs. magnitude fluctuations
Guzzo Gigi
Redshift distortons as a dark energy probe: present and future
Mike Hudson
Cosmic flows from nearby SNe and predictions from the new 2M++ catalogue
Ed Shaya
Flight paths of local group galaxies
10:40-11:10 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
Session 2 Hume Feldman
Cosmic flows on different cosmological scales
Patrick Bos
Less is more: how voids can shed light on dark energy 
Francisco Kitaura
Undoing gravity with Bayesian reconstruction and Eulerian-LOagrangia perturbation theory 
Steven Phelps
Testing least action  predictions of Local Group flight paths with con-strained simulations 
Ed Macaulay
Measuring the power spectrum with peculiar velocities
Wojciech A. Hellwing
Large scale structure in scalar-interacting dark matter 
Maciej Billicki
Cosmic flows from 2MASS 
Adam Hawken
Lifting the degeneracy between geometry and dynamic distortions 
Discussion Martin Feix
Revisiting metric perturbations in tensor-vector-scalar theory 
Discussion  Ziv Mikulizky
The motion of the Local group 
12:40-14:05 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
Session 3 Chris Springob
The 6dFGS peculiar velocity field

Tour of Acre

Guide: Professor Edriss Titi

Anatoli Klypin
Velocity function galaxies 
Yin-Zhe Ma
A sensitive test of the growth
of structure 
Brent Tully
A key result from Cosmicflows1 and the status of Cosmicflow2
Stefan Gottloeber
Constrained simulations of the Local Universe (CLUES) 
15:15-15:45 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
Session 4 Saleem Zaroubi
Linear reconstruction of LSS from cosmic flows
Rin van de Weygaert
Cosmic flow analysis by Voronoi and Delaunay tesselations 
Yehuda Hoffman
The LSS and bulk velocities  peculiar velocities
Marius Cautun
On the properties of cosmic web environments 
Vincent Desjacques
Scale dependent velocity bias
Avishai Dekel
Feeding massivegalaxies at high-z from the cosmic web
Giora Shaviv
Did Edwin Hubble plagiarize?
Free Discussion  
Free Discussion
19:00 Reception Dinner in Acre  Dinner 


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