cosmic flows

Cosmic Flows: Myth, Reality, and Prospects

2011 December, 18

a Research Workshop of the Lewiner Institute for Theoretical Physics


General Information


Some of you are staying at the Forchheimer Guest House on campus, some at the Dan Garden Hotel in the Carmel Center, Haifa. You will have received a table of accommodation allocation.

There is no reception at the guest house from Thursday afternoon through Sunday morning. Your keycard to the entrance of the guesthouse and your room will therefore be at the Security office at the main gate of the Technion. Ask your taxi driver to stop so that you can pick it up before continuing on to the guest house. The entrance to the guesthouse is up the ramp. Hold the keycard close to the electronic eye and the door will unlock.

The address of the Dan Gardens Hotel is 124 Yaffe Nof Street (
We are arranging transportation to pick you up from the hotel and bring you to Technion. On the first morning, Sunday 18th December, the taxi will be at the hotel at 09:00.

Contact If you have any problems en route feel free to call Liz on 054 464 2811.


The weather in December is variable, with a good chance of rain. Daytime temperatures are usually about 20 C, decreasing to 10C at night. Remember to bring raincoats and warm outer wear, but also sunscreen in case we do see the sun.

Rate of Exchange

Right now the rate of exchange is $ = 3.75 shekel; Euro = 5.00 shekel; Pound Stirling = 5.8 shekel. There is an ATM at the airport, and

also one on Technion campus. There are, of course, ATM's in the various shopping areas of Haifa.


For information about what Haifa has to offer in the way of tourism, please see the Haifa Tourist Center.


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